MasterMoney Chip Debit Cards

EMV Debit Card

Chip enabled debit cards for your personal or business checking accounts provide extra peace of mind when making point-of-sale transactions. Chip technology adds another layer of security when used at chip-enabled card readers by producing a unique code, making it extremely difficult to produce counterfeit cards.

Watch this short video to learn more about chip cards and how to use them when making purchases.


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With a MasterCard® MasterMoney Debit Card you'll enjoy:

  • The convenience of paying for purchases directly from your checking account.
  • A detailed monthly statement for tracking purchases and easy account reconciliation.
  • And best of all zero worries if your card is lost or stolen – with MasterCard's Zero liability protection you'll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't be held responsible for unauthorized purchases.

The Montecito Bank & Trust MasterCard MasterMoney Debit Card is extremely versatile, simple to use and accepted at millions of locations worldwide – no payment card is more widely accepted globally than MasterCard.

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