About Avannis Customer Service Surveys

Have you been contacted by a company called Avannis inviting you to take a survey? Read our FAQ below to find out more details. We hope that you will consider providing your honest feedback with them so that we can identity where we excel and where we could better serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Montecito Bank & Trust conducting surveys?

Providing highly personalized service to our clients has always been at the heart of Montecito Bank & Trust’s business practices. There’s no better way for us to know how well we’re serving our clients than to ask you for your feedback. To help us in collecting your feedback, we have partnered with a professional research firm called Avannis.

Who is Avannis?

Avannis is a professional research firm that we have partnered with to collect your feedback. You can visit their website at https://us.avannis.com/.

How often will Avannis reach out to me?

They will be reaching out to some of our clients at random on a monthly basis. You could potentially hear from Avannis up to a maximum of two times a year.

How will Avannis reach out to me?

Avannis may contact you via email or phone.

How long will the survey take to complete?

Each phone survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Each email survey should take between 2-3 minutes to complete.

How can I opt-out of survey invitations?

While we hope you will share your feedback with us, we understand if you would prefer to opt out. You can do so at any time by calling our Service Center, or by unsubscribing within the email invitation. Please visit our Contact Us page for our Service Center hours and contact information.

What are they going to ask me?

Avannis will ask you about a recent experience you had with Montecito Bank & Trust. For example, questions about the associate you interacted with, the experience you had, or the reason for your visit. Each survey is unique to the experience you had with Montecito Bank & Trust.

You may be asked about any one of the following experiences: (1) a recent branch transaction, (2) a recent service center experience / conversation, (3) a recent online/mobile banking transaction, (4) a new account sign up, (5) a recently closed account, (6) a recent loan application, or (7) your overall relationship with Montecito Bank & Trust.

Protecting your Confidentiality

Are my responses confidential?

Yes. It is important to note that you will be given the opportunity to request a follow up conversation from one of our Branch Associates at the close of each survey, and at that time you will be prompted to confirm your name and preferred method of contact (email or phone).

Will Avannis have my personal or account information?

No, and Avannis will never ask you questions about your account or personal information. Montecito Bank & Trust does not share any personal or account information with Avannis, as outlined in our privacy policy. To view our privacy policy, you may visit our website at Montecito.bank/privacy.

If you have questions about the surveys, talk to your local Branch Manager or call the Service Center, for more information. Please visit our Contact Us page for our Service Center hours and contact information.