Our Facebook Guidelines

The Bank is a proud advocate for community engagement and maintains an unwavering commitment to the freedom of speech. While we recognize the power of that freedom, we are equally committed to ensuring that our Facebook presence will be used in a constructive and civil manner. Please be respectful of our diverse community; before posting take a moment to read the following posting guidelines.

User Guidelines

What you think is very important to us. In the spirit of a creating an open forum for the exchange of ideas and information, you are free to post your opinions, likes and dislikes, whether or not such comments and opinions are favorable to the Bank, as long as you do so in a manner consistent with these guidelines. These guidelines, which may be amended, modified and supplemented overtime, were developed to help establish a real sense of community and promote a productive, helpful and engaging experience for everyone.

Please remember that the views, opinions and experiences expressed in user-submitted content are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Bank and may not be representative of the product or services offered by the Bank, including, among other things, the actual features, terms or conditions of use.

1. Real-Time Posting

In order to ensure compliance with the Bank's posting guidelines, to limit the inadvertent disclosure of private information and in an effort to protect our Facebook community from fraud, the Bank does not allow "real-time" posting. While we will make every effort to release proposed content for publication within 4 hours, under some circumstances posting of proposed content may be further delayed and in some cases, as outlined below, not approved for posting.

2. Prohibited Comments

Without limiting the Bank's right to prohibit publication of any content or to remove, restrict, edit modify or reformat any content submitted for publication, content that falls into any of the following categories, in the sole discretion of the Bank, will be deemed to be objectionable or prohibited content:

  • abusive, defamatory or obscene
  • fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • in violation of another's intellectual property right
  • in violation of any law or regulation
  • otherwise offensive, inappropriate or inflammatory

In addition to the foregoing content restrictions, we may report or remove content containing spam, or otherwise objectionable or prohibited material pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Facebook Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, each of which are expressly incorporated herein by this reference. Individuals who violate our User Guidelines are also subject to be blocked from the Montecito Bank & Trust page at the discretion of the Bank.

3. Privacy & Safety

We are committed to protecting our visitors and your confidential financial information. As part of the Bank's ongoing privacy and security measures, we have established a series of security protocols to support that effort. Unfortunately, no system is infallible and the very best protection always starts with you. You should never post any information that you wish to remain private. If you post information we feel should be shielded from public view, we will remove it. Such sensitive or confidential information may include specific details about your Bank accounts or accounts with other Financial Institutions, other forms of private or confidential information (such as your Social Security Number), as well as details of information relayed in private conversations between you and Bank representatives. Please know that in taking down or editing your posts, our intent is not to censor but rather protect you from the inadvertent, unintentional or inappropriate disclosure of such information.

Please note: In an effort to protect our customers and the public in general from fraud, the Bank will never ask you for personal or financial information using an insecure channel of communication, including, without limitation, Social Media. Please review the Bank's privacy and security policies at montecito.bank/privacy.

4. Off-Topic Comments

We believe that our Facebook presence is a legitimate place for diverse exchanges of ideas and information. We encourage your feedback and will make every effort to address your posts and concerns. We simply ask that you be respectful and refrain from posts that are off-topic and attacking in nature. We reserve the right to remove posts that, in our sole judgment, do not constructively contribute to a meaningful dialogue between the Bank and the Facebook community. Individuals who violate our User Guidelines are also subject to be blocked from the Montecito Bank & Trust page at the discretion of the Bank.

5. Comments about Bank employees

If you have something less than positive to share, we ask that you respect the privacy of our employees by not posting any personal information about them. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with your comments or concerns so that we may address them confidentially.

6. Comments from Bank employees

In an attempt to preserve the integrity of our Facebook community, if you work for the Bank, you must disclose that you work for the Bank by including a phrase within your post: “I work for a great bank. Check out what they’re doing!” Feel free to post using your own words, using this example as a guideline.

7. Accurate Comments

Please only post information that you know to be accurate, truthful and that you have the legal right to publish.

This page, and the links to montecito.bank, are supported by the Bank. Facebook.com is owned and operated by a third party who is not affiliated with the Bank. For more information, please review the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities at https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms.

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