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Safeguard your business and simplify your financial management with Montecito Bank and Trust's powerful Positive Pay services. In today's world, detecting and stopping fraud is more important than ever. With Positive Pay for checks and ACH, we provide you with the tools to identify any suspicious transactions and take immediate action to block unauthorized debits from your account. Plus, our Account Reconciliation reporting system assists with your reconcilement process, saving you valuable time and effort. With Montecito Bank and Trust's Positive Pay services, you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters and keep your business finances secure.

Check Positive Pay with Payee Match
ACH Positive Pay
Account Reconciliation Reporting

How it Works

Check Positive Pay with Payee Match: With Check Positive Pay, your business uploads issued check files produced from your accounts payable software into MB&T’s Positive Pay System any time new checks are issued. Our system then uses those files to validate the payee names, check numbers and amounts of checks clearing your account. Potentially fraudulent checks are flagged as an exception that you can then request to "pay" or "return" as appropriate.

ACH Positive Pay: With ACH Positive Pay, you set rules for ACH debits clearing your account. When an ACH debit hits the account that doesn't match the rules you have set, the ACH will be flagged as an exception. You can then view the ACH and make a "pay" or "return" decision, and add a new rule if desired.

Account Reconciliation Reporting: With Account Reconciliation Reporting, we help simplify the reconcilement process by providing a comprehensive report that includes paid checks, ACH Debits and Credits, deposits, services charges, and more. If you provide us with an electronic file of checks issued, we will reconcile it to the checks that have paid against your account. Plus, you'll receive comprehensive reports on stop payments, voids, paid and outstanding checks.

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