Relationship Bonus Money Market

Linking to a Montecito Bank & Trust checking account has it's advantages and this account is proof!

  1. Eligible accounts include Everyday Checking, Cashback Checking, Access Checking and Private Access Checking. [back]
  2. If checking account is closed, relationship bonus rates revert to Montecito Money Fund rates. [back]
  3. Montecito Bank & Trust does not charge for the Mobile Banking service; however, your wireless provider may charge for Internet access and text messages. Please check with your wireless provider. [back]

Relationship Bonus Money Market FAQ

What is a Relationship Bonus? This account entitles the account holder to an interest rate and APY relationship bonus as long as the account holder maintains an Everyday Checking, Cashback Checking, Access Checking or Private Access Checking account for which the primary tax identification number and account holder are the same.
What happens to the Relationship Bonus if I close my qualifying checking account? Your money market account will no longer be eligible for the relationship bonus if you do not have a qualifying checking account and your rate and APY will revert to Montecito Money Fund rate and APY.
What are the Relationship Bonus rates and Annual Percentage Yields? Please refer to our Deposit Rate Summary for the latest rates.
What is a money market account? A money market account is an interest-bearing account that typically pays a higher interest rate than a savings account, and which provides the account holder with check-writing ability.
How do I start banking online? If you have a MB&T account, you can start banking online today. Learn more about online banking. Online banking is not available for First Step Savings.

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