First Steps Savings®

A lifetime of financial success begins with a single step. When your children open their first savings accounts, it should be an event that helps to instill a lifetime of prudent financial decisions. Our Personal Bankers are happy to sit down with your kids to help them learn more about the power of saving.

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First Step Savings FAQ

Can I set up automatic deposits to my savings account? Yes. You can set up automatic deposits to your savings account from your MB&T checking account. You can also make automatic deposits to a child's First Step Savings account.
Can I receive a combined monthly statement for all of my accounts? Yes. You can combine multiple MB&T savings, checking, and money market accounts into one organized monthly statement. Talk to a personal banker or call our Service Center to request a combined statement at (800) 348-0146.
How is interest paid? Interest is compounded quarterly and paid quarterly on all savings accounts.