Lockbox Services

Montecito Bank & Trust partners with industry leader Deluxe® to provide reliable, secure and scalable lockbox options for any business looking for a high-volume paper payment processing solution.

How does Lockbox work?

Your customers mail their payments to a secure PO Box in Southern California. Envelopes are picked up and checks, coupons, and other remittance documents are extracted and captured. Items requiring keying, correction or balancing are identified and addressed. Checks are encoded, deposited and posted to your account. Yes, it's really that easy!


  • Improve productivity and reduce overhead by outsourcing paper payment processing
  • Specialized ZIP codes used for lockbox payments fast-track delivery through the postal system, and payments are processed daily, increasing the speed at which your business receives payment
  • Processing services are centralized and executed by a specialized team, increasing security and reducing the opportunity for error
  • Payment records are backed up, stored, and available online for easy access

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