When it comes to processing payments, one size does not fit all. Montecito Bank & Trust's customized lockbox services provide a variety of mail-based remittance processing options, for whatever industry you're in.


  • Lower operating expenses and reduced payment risk
  • Fewer in-house payments saves time, improves customer service and reduces errors
  • Flexible and customized industry-specific solutions
  • Reduced mail float with a Southern California PO box picked up 3 times daily
  • Increased availability and reduced processing float with leading-edge mail handling, image capture and encoding equipment
  • Improved reporting with a variety of delivery options

How does Lockbox work?

Your customers mail their payments to a secure PO Box in Southern California. Envelopes are picked up and checks, coupons, and other remittance documents are extracted and captured. Items requiring keying, correction or balancing are identified and addressed. Checks are encoded, deposited and posted to your account. Yes, it's really that easy!