Emergency Preparedness – El Niño

El Nino Header


At Montecito Bank & Trust, we believe it is part of our responsibility to play a meaningful role in promoting emergency preparedness in the communities we serve. In preparation for the forecasted 2016 El Niño season, we have implemented and tested emergency and business continuity plans to ensure personal and operational safety at our locations during a disaster. One of those key trainings occurred during National Preparedness month in September 2015, when our Incident Management Team reviewed a “Flood Scenario” in anticipation of El Niño. We also conducted a “Disaster Preparedness” survey of our employees and provided helpful tips that we wanted to share with the community. We even engaged some of our employees’ children in the process!


Because a disaster can strike anywhere and at any time, the below tips and resources can help keep you and your household safe during this rainy season: