MB&T Update on Coronavirus

The safety and well-being of our associates, our clients and our communities is paramount. We have been keeping a watchful eye on the developments of the Coronavirus and wanted to share with you how we are preparing to continue operating safely and effectively.

Our Incident Management Team has been meeting regularly to discuss our response to various scenarios, and we are actively sharing that information with our associates. While the day to day developments of COVID-19 are changing frequently, our commitment to the safety and service of you, our clients, does not change. The steps we have taken across our office and branch network include:

  • Management is routinely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and federal, state and local agencies to help ensure our actions are in line with the latest CDC recommendations and guidance. These decisions are regularly communicated to our associates to keep them informed and to help ensure their safety and that of our clients.
  • We are regularly reviewing our contingency plans to mitigate service disruptions due to Coronavirus impacts, as we do for many types of events and disasters. These include remote access capabilities, alternate work locations for associates and continuity plans for critical operations.
  • We have installed office hand sanitizers, are encouraging daily cleaning / disinfecting of work stations and regular handwashing, moving face-to-face meetings to video conference when possible, canceling all business travel and reminding associates to stay home if they feel sick.
  • We postponed our annual Anniversary GrantsSM reception next Tuesday March 17th; all Anniversary Grant recipients will still receive their grants, it will just be at a later date and when we can truly celebrate.
  • We are postponing/canceling upcoming MClub trips and local educational events until further notice.

Steps you can take

Finally, Coronavirus phishing emails and scams are on the rise. Please be vigilant as cybercriminals are using this situation as an opportunity to defraud the unsuspecting. Don't click or open PDF's or other attachments, no matter how urgent they may seem.

We will continue to keep excellent customer service a top priority and we will share information with you as we learn more. As always, thank you for being a valued Montecito Bank & Trust client, and please stay healthy and safe.


Montecito Bank & Trust