Do you deposit or order large amounts of cash? Require a continuous inventory of coins and currency? Want to enhance the security of your business and employees? We provide armored transportation, secure pick-up and delivery, and convenient cash processing. If your business requires cash delivery and deposit pickups, an armored transport service is a safe and secure solution for you!

There's nothing more important than the secure handling of your money and Montecito Bank & Trust Cash Vault helps provide that security.

How does Cash Vault work?

  1. Contact a Bank associate to discuss your needs for deposit pick-up and cash ordering and delivery.
  2. Once our Cash Vault Services have been set up for you, establishing a schedule for the pick-up of deposits and the ordering of cash through a self-service portal is easy and convenient.
  3. You will be informed of how to prepare your deposit of cash & checks as well as how to order cash needed.
  4. Your deposits will be processed in a timely and secure manner, and cash ordered will be delivered as requested.


  • Protect the safety of your business as well as your employees and minimize risk by eliminating trips to the bank.
  • Enjoy peace of mind from the added security of an armored carrier transporting your deposits and securely delivering your cash orders.
  • Experience efficiency by scheduling regular deposit pick up dates - making banking with us easier than ever.
  • Conveniently manage your cash needs on your time through a self-service cash ordering site.

Our local experts are ready to help. And it's easy to connect with them!