Avoiding scams online & offline

While the number of financial scams may be on the rise, most can be avoided if you know what to look for. Below you will find information on a number of resources to help you protect yourself and those you care about most from fraud and scams.

Avoiding scams  - online and offline

Consumer resources:

Fraud flyers and bookmarks – Quick tips to help you identify potential scams.

ATM Skimming – Info about ATM skimmers and how to spot them.

Protect your Mobile Device – 12 steps to protect your device from hackers.

Password Management – 10 tips to help keep your information secure.

Virtual Kidnapping – Learn about how to protect yourself from the growing number of Virtual Kidnapping scams.

Online resources:

OnGuardOnline.gov – Practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you stay on guard against internet fraud, secure your computer and protect your personal information.

staysafeonline.org– Powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, a site dedicated to educating and empowering the global digital society to use the internet safely and securely.  

aba.com – The united voice of America’s hometown bankers, and a place to find a broad array of information about consumer protection. Find information about grandparent scams, identity protection and much more.

Protecting your business or nonprofit from fraud and cyber threats

Business and Nonprofit resources:

Business Email Compromise Scams - Learn how cyber thieves use email and wires to steal from businesses

Banking self-assessment & recommended tech controls - Detailed tips for your IT department

Social Engineering red flags - What to look for when determining the legitimacy of an email

Securing your Website (Business) – Keep your business Content Management System (CMS) up to date and websites secure.

Securing your Website (Nonprofit) – Keep your nonprofit Content Management System (CMS) up to date and websites secure.

Online resources:

aba.com - The united voice of America’s hometown bankers, and a place to find an array of security information for businesses, including information on corporate account takeover, internet and data security and a number of other topics.

fcc.gov – The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in the U.S., and offers training materials and other security resources for small businesses.

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