Make the switch to MB&T

Our switch kit provides four easy steps to a better banking experience.

Step 1. Select an account that best meets your needs

Chose from our Personal Accounts or Business Accounts and open your account at one of our convenient branch locations.

Step 2. Stop using your old account

Be sure to keep it open until all of the outstanding checks have cleared and any direct deposits or automatic payments have been changed to your new account.

Step 3. Transfer any direct deposits or automatic payments

Direct Deposits Form

Automatic Payments Form

Simply fill out this form and give it to your employer, the Social Security Administration or our retirement plan. Be sure to include a deposit or voided check from your new Montecito Bank & Trust account.

Use this form to change all automatic withdrawals or automated payments. Be sure not to forget about those payments that use your old bank’s debit card number, such as automatic payments made online.

Download now! Download now!

Step 4. Close your old checking account

Send in this completed Accounts Transfer Form to your old bank to close your old account. No face-to-face account closing meeting is needed. If, after all your checks have cleared, you have a remaining balance, your old bank will send us a check to deposit into your new account. Once your old account is closed, remember to destroy any unused checks, debit cards and deposit slips.

Switch Kit FAQ