Experience and Perspective on Inheritance Issues

Inter-generational wealth transfer is rarely a simple matter. Those who have built wealth are often concerned, and justifiably so, with the effects that inheritances can have on their children and grandchildren. In such situations, the experience and perspective of the professionals at Montecito Bank & Trust Wealth Management can be invaluable.

Because we have been advising high net worth individuals and their families for many years, we are accustomed to addressing and dealing with the issues that can often arise when substantial wealth is passed on. From counseling blended families to mediating disputes and providing heirs with a comprehensive education on the responsibilities that accompany their wealth inheritance, we serve as a trusted and independent professional to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We also know exactly who to contact when the issues at hand require the assistance of additional professionals.

Transferring family wealth requires careful planning, as well as expertise in structuring the appropriate vehicles to accomplish the transfer in ways that make both you and the recipients comfortable. While we consider ourselves experts in this area, where we really excel is in helping our clients to draft estate plans that treat beneficiaries fairly while still recognizing and providing for their different needs. That skill, which can only be acquired through lengthy experience, is one of the many resources available to you at Montecito Bank & Trust.