Safeguarding and Settling Your Estate

For clients who choose to leave a will, Montecito Bank & Trust can act as executor of their estate and as successor trustee. Our many years of experience in estate matters means that we are prepared not only to ensure that your wishes are carried out but also to deal with issues that may arise after you are gone.

As your executor, we take responsibility for:

  • Locating, protecting and valuing the assets you have left behind
  • Paying all debts, expenses and taxes related to your estate
  • Overseeing compliance with tax issues, including the filing of all necessary forms
  • Distributing property according to the instructions in your will

Our experienced trust officers can also help manage the assets in your estate, including investment portfolios, residential and commercial real estate and ongoing businesses, to ensure that your beneficiaries receive their optimal value. Additionally we can advise your beneficiaries on how to deal with issues that may arise for them in connection with the settlement of your estate.

Montecito Bank & Trust Wealth Management executor services are delivered with the same commitment to personal attention and responsiveness that characterize everything we do for our clients. Choosing an executor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We would be pleased to provide you with more information on why so many people have chosen Montecito Bank & Trust.

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Not FDIC Insured or Any Other Government Agency
Not Bank Guaranteed
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