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Download the CardValet app from FISERV* and take control of your debit card.


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Right from your smartphone you can:
  • Turn your debit card on and off
  • Set up transaction restrictions based on geographic location, spend limits and merchant types
  • Get alerts based on your preferences 
This helpful video provides an overview of what you can do with the CardValet app.

Everyday situations that call for the CardValet app:
  • You’re out shopping and realize you don’t have your debit card. You think you may have left the card at home so you’d rather not cancel the card right away. With CardValet, you can quickly deactivate your card from your smartphone app and reactivate it when you find it.
  • Your child just got a debit card and you want to monitor how and where they use it. With CardValet, you can set up transaction limits and determine what kinds of places the card can and cannot be used. These features can also be used for businesses to ensure employees use their company debit cards in accordance with company policies.
  • You are looking to reduce fraud on your account and are interested in real-time alerts to keep you informed when your card is used or declined.

*FISERV is a trusted banking partner of Montecito Bank & Trust

Q: Who should I call if I have questions about the app?

A: Montecito Bank & Trust’s Service Center team can answer questions you may have relating to the CardValet app. If you have questions, please call (805) 963-7511 between 8am-6pm.


Q: Will any restrictions/settings established within CardValet override bank-level settings?

A: No – If you have a debit card spend limit established through the bank, you will not be able to establish a higher limit in the CardValet app to override that limit. If you indicate in the app that you would like to allow international transactions, you would still need to contact the bank when traveling to ensure your card will function properly.


Q: Will recurring transactions get declined if the debit card is switched to OFF in the CardValet app?

A: No – Recurring transactions are the only transactions that will still go through when the card is set to OFF.


Q: How are online purchases and recurring transactions affected by location controls?

Online purchases and recurring transactions are not affected by location controls – only in-person transactions are impacted.


Q: Can I use CardValet to manage how my employees use their company debit cards?

A: Yes – Using CardValet’s transaction and alert features are great ways to manage and monitor how your employees use company debit cards, and ensure cards are being used in accordance with company policies. Note: Please see the following FAQ for limitations of managing someone else’s card.


Q: Is there any way to set up different levels of card management rights within the app?

A: No – any debit card user on the account that is using the app has full access and card management rights, and the last change made in the app takes precedence.

Example – If a user sets a transaction limit so their child doesn’t spend more than a certain amount on a purchase, the child would be able to change the limit if they had the app. The same is true of employers setting up restrictions or alerts for employees.


Q: Do I have to pay to use CardValet?

A: There is no charge to download or use CardValet, however, your wireless provider may charge for Internet access and text messages. Please check with your wireless provider.


Q: Is FISERV – the company that developed the app – a trusted and reliable company?

A: Yes – FISERV is Montecito Bank & Trust’s trusted banking partner, and provides many banking services and tools that MB&T and other financial institutions implement and offer to customers.