Step into your own home.

Renting is expensive today so why not consider owning your own home? New and pre-owned manufactured homes offer affordable home ownership options and Montecito Bank & Trust is ready to help with the needed financing.

BenefitsMontecito Bank & Trust is an area expert in manufactured home loans. We offer attractive rates and loan structures to help turn ownership dreams into reality.
Access to FundsApproved loan amount fully disbursed at loan closing.
Loan ProgramsWe offer flexible loan program options so you can choose what’s best for you.
Rates and FeesPlease visit one of our branches for the full details on which loan program option is best for you and to obtain all current information on rates and the fees that apply to a manufactured home loan.

Please note: If your application for a Manufactured Home Loan is approved, before we fund your loan we will need to setup an escrow account to pay recurring items related to your mortgaged property, such as real estate taxes and insurance premiums, as they become due. For more information on escrow accounts and related information please click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions about your Escrow Account


To apply for a Montecito Bank & Trust Vehicle Loan, call us at (805) 963-7511, or just stop by one of our convenient branch locations.