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Preferred Rewards Credit Card

MB&T Preferred Rewards Credit Card
Earn 3 times reward points.
New rewards categories every quarter!1
  • Rewards
  • EMV Chip Security
  • Online Account Access
  • Contactless Digital Wallets

Introducing 3x Reward Points on Donations & Charitable Giving2 All Year Long!

It wouldn’t be a MB&T credit card if we didn’t offer a tie back to nonprofits! Earn 3x reward points anytime you donate to a charity using your MB&T Preferred Rewards Credit Card. Learn how.

Plus 3x Reward Points on Quarterly Bonus Categories in 2021!

Here’s a sample of the reward opportunities throughout 2021. These are subject to change at any time, but we will keep you posted on the variety of 3x reward point opportunities you will have with your Preferred Rewards card.

Jan 4 - Mar 31
New Year Essentials
Apr 1 - Jun 30
Celebrate Local
Local Retail Stores
Bars and Wineries4
Jul 1 – Sept 30
Fresh Start
Wholesale Clubs
Home Goods
Hardware Stores5
Oct 1 - Dec 31
Away for the Holidays
Airline Tickets

  1. Reward categories are subject to change and will be communicated in advance of the promotional period. Rewards categories are based on merchant category code.
    When a merchant registers with Visa in order to accept Visa credit cards, they select a merchant category code (MCC). The MCC is based on the types of products or services that the merchant sells. When MB&T creates promotions, we group similar MCC's into categories. We make every effort to include all relevant MCCs into our promotions. However, even if a merchant appears to fit within a promotional category they may not have registered with an MCC included in the promotion. When this happens, purchases with that merchant won’t qualify for the 3x rewards offer.
  2. Charitable and Social Organizations are defined as non-political fund-raising organizations engaged in soliciting charitable donations/contributions on behalf of organizations engaged in social welfare services, or social service organizations engaged in social welfare services. This Merchant Category Code (MCC) also includes crowd funding merchants that accept donations on behalf of individuals raising money for various causes without receiving any perceived or actual financial benefit for doing so.
  3. The New Year Essentials reward categories include service stations, automated fuel dispensers, grocery stores and supermarkets.
  4. The Celebrate Local rewards categories include restaurants, bars, wineries, and local retail stores. For a detailed list of eligible categories, click here. In order for a retail store to qualify as “local”, they must be registered with Visa under a ZIP code in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, or Westlake Village (91301, 91302, 91359, 91363).
  5. The Fresh Start reward categories include furniture stores, household appliance stores, home supply warehouse stores, wholesale clubs, discount stores, variety stores, department stores, miscellaneous home furnishing specialty stores, office and school supply stores, and hardware stores.
  6. The Away for the Holidays reward categories include ride shares, airline tickets, and lodging.
  7. 3x points per dollar per transaction up to $5,000 on bonus rewards categories. 1x point per dollar will be applied to the remaining amount of the transaction.
  8. Based on credit worthiness.

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